HealtHIE Georgia

HealtHIE Georgia – Platinum Level

HealtHIE Georgia Corporation is a network of rural Georgia hospitals and their physician communities working to improve patient care through health information technology. The network focuses on ways to build capacity and a network infrastructure that enables its participants to coordinate care and increase access to care for rural communities. Given the mandates of the Accountable Care Act, reimbursement complexities, Health IT vendor challenges, broadband access, etc., this supportive network is vital to the health of rural hospitals.

The HealtHIE Georgia member hospitals together are accessing grant and loan opportunities available to non-profit collaborative networks. Our state and federal partners, business partners, and Georgia Southern University are working with us to achieve the objectives. Currently, we have established the Georgia’s Rural Service Area network and clinical exchange.

For more information, please contact Mark Renfro, Executive Director, at 706-782-0764.