Florida Rural Hospital Webinar

May 24, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Susannah Cowart
The 2017 HomeTown Health Florida Rural Hospital Webinar series brings you monthly updates, training and resources including, but not limited to: Florida Medicaid policies and procedures; CMO and AHCA representatives to address Medicaid claim issues, and to assist in troubleshooting Florida Rural Hospital inquires; ICD-10 updates and compliance tips; industry experts on rural healthcare and best practice solutions; and an overview of important Medicare and Florida Medicaid notifications and alerts that will impact Florida Rural Hospitals.  The Florida Rural Hospital Webinar will also include quarterly telemedicine updates and information from a Global Partnership for TeleHealth representative.
Following the aforementioned updates, and concluding the 1.5 hour webinar, the Florida Rural Hospital Webinar series will include the monthly Florida FLEX Collaborative Update, sharing training and education specific to the Florida Critical Access Hospitals.  HomeTown Health and its partners will expand on the successes of the previous three year innovative FLEX program, providing expertise and education to improve the financial and operational outcomes of Florida’s Critical Access Hospitals.