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“STEP UP” – The 2016 Executive Leadership Program –  2016 Leadership Program Packet & Nomination Form
Who: Senior Leadership, Senior Managers, Directors, Nurse Executives and emerging leadership candidates
What: The world of healthcare is changing at an accelerated pace. While rural hospitals face many of the same issues as their larger peers, they have fewer resources available to meet these changes. This program equips executive leaders with skill sets required to lead in this changing environment.
When: The leadership series will start in January 2016 with a Kickoff Webinar with Jimmy Lewis.  Thereafter, the program participants will meet periodically at various locations around the state for a combination of live meetings, webinar events, and an online group forum.  In addition, participants will work through the online Certified Management Professional program on throughout the year.
Cost: $3,000 per program attendee (flexible payment plan available; please contact us for pricing if you have more than one hospital participant). This fee covers meals and event registration at leadership sessions. Hotel fees are not included.
Please submit application/nomination forms by December 1, 2015. For more information about the program, please contact Jennie Price at

2016 Leadership Program Packet & Nomination Form 


HomeTown Health is currently offering three ICD-10 Readiness & Survival programs. The 2015 ICD-10 Survival Program, “Charting a Course to Coding Success,” is for hospital/facility-wide readiness and includes ongoing, live webinar training.  It also includes specific training for physicians.  For more information, and for participating facility access to your dashboard, please visit ICD-10 Survival Program. Included in the ICD-10 Survival Program, or available for purchase separately, is the ICD-10 Physician Survival Program. This is IACET and AHIMA-accredited education that can be provided separately for Physicians and coders.  For more information, please visit: ICD-10 Physician Survival Program. We also offer courses in our foundation program courses, the School of ICD-10 Preparedness. These courses include Medical Terminology,  and various Anatomy & Physiology topics, critical education refreshers for the specificity that will be required for ICD-10.  It also includes courses in Clinical Documentation Improvement and ICD-10 basics, history and fundamentals.  Courses are available for individual or group subscription purchase.  For more information, visit For more information about all of our ICD-10 programs, contact Kristy Thomson.


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2014-2015: SHIP GRANT PROGRAM– ICD-10 Survival Program


HomeTown Health’s Board Training Program is offered online via HomeTown Health University.  Through a combination of monthly “Board Minutes” Industry updates from Jimmy Lewis, online on-demand courses, and live training at the Spring and Fall Conference, board members receive the vital information necessary to govern their hospitals.  In addition, board member who complete the coursework during the year can earn the IACET accredited Hospital Board Governance (HBG) Certification.   For more information about the program, please visit:  or contact: Jennie Price, Director of Business Development 404-673-2412