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“Leading Yourself, Leading the Business, and Leading Others”

The HomeTown Health Executive Leadership Program is designed to equip emerging leadership candidates with the tools necessary to become future Senior Executives, Senior Managers, & Directors. Develop personal management skills and a better understanding of the changing healthcare industry to help meet the need for strong leaders in healthcare.

Download the 2018 Leadership Program Packet and Application, due January 9, 2018 to Jennie Price.
Or, complete the Leadership Nomination/Application online:

The 2018 Executive Leadership program includes an event or self‐study project once a month, including:
1. Leading Yourself: Personal Development
Before you can effectively lead others, you need to be able to lead, and know, yourself. To help you stand out in your organization and in your industry as a leader, the program will begin with a
discussion on individual leadership skills and goals for the program, and strategic career planning led by Jimmy Lewis. The class will also come together during the summer for a Leadership Retreat for additional education in personal strengths and weaknesses, personality profiles, goal setting, and CEO qualifications.

2. Leading The Business: Healthcare Industry Training
Participation in various live HomeTown workshops, often outside of the primary area of current positions, to help participants gain cross‐departmental knowledge of the many facets of healthcare. This includes workshops held for groups such as Human Resources, Nursing Leaders, Health IT, CEO Day at the Capitol, or Revenue Cycle. It also includes participation and special leadership class breakouts at both Spring and Fall Conference, including closed leadership class discussions led by Jimmy Lewis to learn about key issues affecting hospital transformation, as well as personal
skills and strategic planning. Two additional leadership class sessions will be held throughout the year.

3. Leading Others: Management Skills Development through the HarvardManageMentor Program
Ongoing online self‐paced course material made available through the Harvard ManageMentor program, Harvard Business Publishing’s on‐demand leadership development resource. 6 areas of focus will be included in either Leading Others or Leading Your Business. Following the online training and homework application, the class will work through a shared discussion led by a HMM mentor via webinar.

Program Cost: $3,000 per program attendee (flexible payment plan available; for member hospitals with more than one participant, please contact us for reduced group pricing.)
This fee covers the online program and webinars and registration and meals at live leadership events. (Hotel costs at live meetings are not included.)

To apply or to nominate a member of your hospital or organization, please complete the 2018 Executive Leadership Application, here:  no later than December 31, 2017.

Questions?  Contact Jennie Price at


HomeTown Health is dedicated to serving hospitals with key information, education and services through available grant programs such as state-specific FLEX and SHIP grants. These programs vary by grant standards and focus areas, state location and other key factors which HomeTown pairs with industry experts and resources for hospital participants.

For more information on your specific grant program, visit our HTH Grant Programs dashboard.


HomeTown Health’s Board Training Program is offered online via HomeTown Health University.  Through a combination of monthly “Board Minutes” Industry updates from Jimmy Lewis, online on-demand courses, and live training at the Spring and Fall Conference, board members receive the vital information necessary to govern their hospitals.  In addition, board member who complete the coursework during the year can earn the IACET accredited Hospital Board Governance (HBG) Certification.   For more information about the program, please visit:  or contact: Jennie Price, Director of Business Development